Ski lodge renovation near Lillehammer

  • Photograph of the lodge courtesy of the client

Ski lodge renovation near Lillehammer

Sjusjøen, Norway

Ongoing project 2021 —

Private client

Architecture: Jflemay Architecture and Design

The client wished to renovate a ski lodge, an example of Nordic vernacular architecture with ornate walls of solid wood lacquered a red ochre. The lodge is one of three houses on the client’s land in Sjusjøen, a cross-country skiing destination 20 km east of Lillehammer.

The brief was to give the lodge a kitchenette and shower room in order to make it rentable as a tiny house. The guests might be a couple of outdoor enthusiasts or athletes looking to ski and hike in the 350 km of cross-country trails surrounding Sjusjøen.

We proposed to enclose the porch in order to find space for the kitchenette and shower room. The roof remains unchanged. The client asked to recolour the house in grey and add windows and a side door in a white frame, leading onto a deck.

Drawing the project was a challenge as we had no survey and only a few overall measurements. We prepared the three dimensional model through a careful reading of photographs provided by the client.