Side table in birch

  • Side table in birch, with oil finish
  • Side table in birch, with oil finish
  • Side table in birch, sanded only
  • Flat packed table parts
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  • Assembly step 5 – done!
  • Side table in birch, with oil finish
  • Side table in birch, sanded only

Side table in birch

Coffee table made of five pieces of birch plywood. Format: 80 × 40 × height 40 cm.


Note: this product is replaced by the maple side table without fasteners.

The side table in birch is supplied flat-packed and comes together easily without any screw, glue or tool. Once assembled it is very stable and strong, enough for a person to stand on it, and it won’t come apart when carried or held up-side-down.

The table’s assembly does not rely on friction but on a click-lock which gets stronger as weight is added to the top. It can just as easily be taken apart, by a push of the thumbs and indexes which disables the click-lock. It can thus always return to its flat-pack state for storage or transportation, and be reassembled when needed.

This sustainable design, made of a single material and only five parts, is easy to use, easy to transport, economical, durable and recyclable.

The plywood comes from responsibly managed forests in the Baltic countries and is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. The parts are made in England: cut by computer, given rounded edges, finely sanded and oiled by hand.

The table is available with and without oil finish. The oil protects the wood against water, juice, tea, cola, wine, etc. It is food-safe, hypoallergenic and hardwearing. Spills should be removed within a few minutes to prevent staining. The “sanded only” version is unprotected but ready to receive a finish if you wish to apply your own.

Weight 7.5 kg
Dimensions 80 × 40 × 40 cm

With oil finish, Sanded only

Safe load capacity

120 kg

Production delay

1-3 weeks