Oak table without fasteners

  • A book upon the oak table
  • Oak table with four places for dining
  • Oak table with oak bench and four plates
  • Assembling the legs without fasteners or tools
  • The table assembled without fasteners or tools

Oak table without fasteners

Flat-pack oak table assembled without fasteners, made of five pieces of 100% oak plywood. Dimensions: 130 × 90 × height 76 cm.

This table in 100% oak plywood comes together without fasteners: without screws or small parts, and without tools. Once assembled it is strong and stable, and won’t come apart even while carried up-side-down. Yet it can easily be taken apart, for example to be transported in its compact state, and reassembled as often as required.

It is sized to serve as a large desk, or a dining table for four to six people. It is sufficiently strong for a person to stand on it.

Its fabrication starts with a high-quality plywood of which all the plies (faces and core) are oak wood. It is then manufactured in England. The five wood parts are cut with computer-guided tools. They are then sanded and their edges rounded smooth. Finally they are finished with a non-toxic oil which protects them from water and gives them a maintainable sheen.

This table is made for indoor use. Although the oil finish is resistant to coffee, tea and wine, spills should be removed within a few minutes to prevent staining.

Currently this table ships within six weeks of receiving payment for your order. Shipping is free within the European Economic Area.

N.b. The photographs above show a smaller version of the table (102 × 80 cm). The actual table (130 × 90 cm) is thus larger than depicted.

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 130 × 90 × 76 cm
Production delay

4-6 weeks