Maple table without fasteners

  • Maple table requiring no screws, small parts or tools
  • Table used as desk, with coffee table (sold separately) as bench
  • Dining table for four, with coffee tables (sold separately) as benches
  • Maple table leg detail
  • Maple table detail
  • A strong and stable design
  • Assemble by sliding the short legs in this way
  • Click to watch how to assemble the table

Maple table without fasteners

Flat-pack maple table assembled without fasteners, made of five pieces of 100% maple plywood. Dimensions: 133 × 90 × height 76 cm.

This table in 100% maple plywood comes together without fasteners: without screws or small parts, and without tools. Once assembled it is strong and stable, and won’t come apart even while carried up-side-down. Yet it can easily be taken apart, for example to be transported in its compact state, and reassembled as often as required.

It is sized to serve as a large desk or a dining table for four.

Its fabrication starts with a high-quality maple plywood produced in Europe with responsibly sourced European sycamore trees. It is then manufactured in England. The five wood parts are cut with computer-guided tools. They are then sanded and their edges rounded smooth. Finally they are treated with a non-toxic oil which protects them from water and gives them a maintainable matte finish.

This table is made for indoor use. Although the oil finish is resistant to coffee, tea and wine, spills should be removed within a few minutes to prevent staining.

Currently this table ships within four to six weeks of receiving payment for your order.

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 133 × 90 × 76 cm
Production delay

4-6 weeks

Safe load capacity

150 kg

2 reviews for Maple table without fasteners

  1. Elena GF

    Congratulations for a wonderful design!! It’s not only beautiful but also really easy to assemble. It’s quite stain resistant too. Love it!

  2. Michael

    Elegantly designed furniture for 21st century living. And a sustainable product for a wide range of uses.

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