Large round table


Large round table

Large round table in 12 mm plywood, with a variety of finishes. Diameter: 180 cm. Height: 76 cm.

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The large round table, with a 180 cm (6-foot) diameter, is designed to sit between six and ten people. Like all other Jflemay tables, it comes together without tools or fasteners and can be taken apart and reassembled as often as required.

The four-legged configuration confers stability and strength, while the relatively thin plywood confers lightness to the design. With a weight of 26 kg, it can be handled comfortably by two persons. It is potentially safer and more convenient than a round table with folding legs. The legs of this table will not unfold, and are withdrawn so as to not interfere with the legs of those sitting around it.

A new product for 2017, the large round table is being developed with a range of waterproof, durable finishes on responsibly-sourced plywood.