Football lamp

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Football lamp

Football-shaped lamp made of opal acrylic. Format: 36 × 36 × 36 cm.


This lamp is based on the football polyhedron (a truncated icosahedron) where each polygon is replaced by a circle. In each point where the circles meet, a connector is placed. The lamp comes together by turning the circles clockwise on the connectors.

Since this method of assembly has no up nor down, the lamp can be placed on any side or suspended from the cord.

While the circles glow with a soft light, the gaps between the circles allow the light of the bulb to shine through and project a pattern of luminous crescents. The lamp suits a bedside table, a coffee table or a pendant above a dining table.

Since this lamp has many circles and connectors, it is a fairly difficult puzzle to put together. For this reason it is only available on special request.

Plug and socket

British plug with E27 socket, Euro plug with E27 socket, North American plug with E26 socket

Light bulb

LED bulb equivalent to 40 W, LED bulb equivalent to 60 W, No light bulb