Maple wide shelving unit without fasteners

  • A shelving unit for up to nine large Muji PP storage boxes
  • A versatile shelving unit allowing access from all sides
  • Beautiful surfaces in 100% maple plywood
  • The maple plywood is rounded, sanded and finished with an oil-wax
  • Key dimensions of the shelving unit
  • Capacity of the shelving unit
  • Scale of the shelving unit in relation to a person

Maple wide shelving unit without fasteners

Wide shelving unit, comprising only seven parts in all-maple plywood assembled without fasteners. Exterior dimensions: 121 × 39 × 108 cm high.

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The Jflemay “Maple wide shelving unit without fasteners” comes together without screws, small parts or tools. It comprises only seven parts made of a durable all-maple plywood. It is ecological, innovative and covered by design patents internationally.

It measures 121 × 39 × 108 cm high and has three shelves sized to hold three Muji “Large PP Carry Boxes” side by side, for a total of nine boxes. Each shelf supports up to 50 kg.

Easy to assemble in one minute, it is strong and stable. It can readily be taken apart and reassembled, a benefit for home and office users who need to save space and move easily.

It is designed in the UK and made in the EU with European maple. All plies of the plywood are made of maple, giving the edges and surfaces a consistent light colour and hardness. While the cutting is computer-controlled, the sanding is done by hand. The parts are finished with a water-based matte lacquer.

Plywood is an ecological material when made from well-managed forests. Since it is made by unrolling a tree – like a pencil in a sharpener – it makes efficient use of the wood. Plywood is more stable than solid wood, stronger by weight than metal and far more durable than particle board. At the end of its life, it is carbon-negative (when not reused as fuel) and not harmful to nature.

This shelving is made for indoor use. Although the lacquer is water-resistant, spills should be removed within a few minutes to prevent staining. As a precaution against tip-over, it should be secured to a wall using the included anchor.

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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 121 × 38.8 × 107.5 cm
Production delay

1 week


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