Cubic lamp, medium

  • Printed cubic lamp with the light on
  • White cubic lamp with the light on
  • Printed cubic lamp with the light off
  • White cubic lamp with the light off
  • Printed cubic lamp on a dresser
  • Printed cubic lamp, suspended
  • Printed cubic lamp, suspended

Cubic lamp, medium

Cube made of six interlocking pieces, in opal white acrylic or printed with a photograph of your choice. Format: 26 × 26 × 26 cm.


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This lamp is a unique structure with six identical parts forming the six faces of a cube. They come together to form a mutual lock which will not fall apart accidentally, even when suspended; but which can always be taken apart by pressing in the right place. A seventh piece holds the bulb into position.

It is available white, like the triangular lamp, or printed with a photograph of your choice. The printing is made with a digital C type process, where a light exposes a translucent silver film. The print, which is very resistant to fading, is laminated onto acrylic and laser cut.

Whether white or coloured, this lamp gives a soft light suitable for a living room, a bed side table, a children’s bedroom. It is available in a larger format upon request.

The lamp is supplied ready to use, apart from the assembly of the lamp shade. It includes a British or European plug, a three-meter cable covered with silver fabric, a switch and an LED bulb.

The white version ships within three weeks of receiving payment for your order.

The printed version ships within six weeks. Once you have placed your order, we’ll write to you so that you can submit a photograph of your choice for printing onto the lamp.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 26 × 26 × 26 cm
Lamp colour

Custom print, White

Plug and socket

British plug with E27 socket, Euro plug with E27 socket

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  1. IL

    Really liked the simplicity of this lamp. Very easy to assemble and a lovely piece of design, in our case, for the baby’s room.

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