Aluminium coffee table without fasteners

  • Aluminium coffee table with a melon
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  • Aluminium coffee table
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  • Aluminium coffee table with a melon

Aluminium coffee table without fasteners

Flat-pack coffee table assembled without fasteners, made of five pieces of aluminium plate. Dimensions: 90 × 45 × height 45 cm.


This aluminium table comes together without fasteners: without screws, small parts, welds or tools. Once assembled it is strong and stable, and won’t come apart even while carried up-side-down. Yet it can easily be taken apart, for example to be transported in its compact state, and reassembled as often as required.

It is sized to serve as a coffee table, artwork display table, or compact bench for one or two persons. It is sufficiently strong for a person to stand on it.

Its five parts are milled in England out of solid aluminium plate using computer-guided tools. The result is a product of superb precision, with rounded edges and surfaces brushed or polished, depending on your selection. The brushed finish is practical as it tends to conceal light scratches and fingerprints. The polished finish is special, reflecting its surroundings like a shimmering mirror. In either case it is an exceptional product.

This table is made for indoor use. When light scratches or fingerprints appear on the brushed version, these can be buffed out using the included sanding sponge. When they appear on the polished version, they can be buffed out using household aluminium polish and cotton cloth.

Currently this table is out of production.

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 90 × 45 × 45 cm
Safe load capacity

150 kg

Production delay

Out of production

Aluminium finish

Brushed aluminium, Polished aluminium

1 review for Aluminium coffee table without fasteners

  1. Owen

    I am a very proud owner of this piece “aluminium coffee table without fasteners”.

    It sits at the center of my New York apartment. I love it. It is regularly commented on and admired by visitors.

    The design is beautiful and whilst my home was built in 1901 with many original fixtures it is a wonderful modern accent piece.

    I enjoy telling my guests about this piece and the ingenious design which makes it so strong and durable.

    It assembles very quickly and easily. It also cleans very simply.

    I am the owner of another pieces by JF Lemay which is of equally high quality, taste and design.

    I would recommend this designer for quality, thoughtfulness, usability and style. He has really thought about his customers.

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