Residences in Cidade Jardim, São Paulo

  • Visualisation of a typical guest bedroom
  • Site plan showing the five similar houses
  • Side elevation of a house in isolation
  • Visualisation of a master bathroom

Residences in Cidade Jardim, São Paulo

Location Cidade Jardim, São Paulo, Brazil
Duration 2022 — ongoing
Client Private client
Architectural designer Jflemay Architecture and Design
Interior designer Atellior
Visualisation All images by Jflemay Architecture and Design

The client approached us in 2022 to rethink an unbuilt project by a Brazilian architect for a leafy 3,100 m2 site in Cidade Jardim. We began by relocating the car entrance to the lower Rua dos Ipês, thus eliminating the ramp from the higher and more prestigious Avenida Das Magnólias.

In order to offset the environmental impact of concrete, which the client selected as method of construction, we proposed to keep as many of the existing trees as possible. These include eight 30-metre Brazilian Ironwoods and a 25-metre Flamboyant.

The brief calls for five houses sharing a basement with car park and a fitness centre. Benefiting from the existing relief, the houses are set at different levels in hedged gardens with private pools. The highest two houses overlook the lowest three with views to São Paulo.

The rounded plans are shaded by continuous horizontal brises-soleils and slender screens of Brazilian wood.