Furniture and architecture designed by Jean-François C. Lemay, a French-Canadian architect working in London, UK.

Jflemay: smart furniture for city dwellers

Jflemay designs and makes products requiring no screws, no fasteners and no tools. Our furniture is flat-packed, easy to assemble, easy to take apart and reassemble. It can always return to its flat-pack state for storage or transportation, and be reassembled when needed.

Our furniture is a major benefit for urban dwellers in particular. There’s no risk that you’ll lose a screw or tool, since none are required.

There’s no catch: once assembled, it is stable and strong, enough for a person to stand on it; and yet it can be reassembled as often as required. It is based on innovative designs which have no equivalent on the market.

It combines computer-controlled milling with hand finishing. It is made in the UK and Europe with sustainable materials and processes.

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About Jean-François C. Lemay

Jean-François C. Lemay, originally from Montreal in Canada, is an architect. He graduated from McGill University with a B.Sc. in Architecture (with distinction) in 2006, and from the Architectural Association in London with an AA Diploma in 2009, where an AA scholarship covered his tuition fees. He has also completed the Architectural Association Part 3 Professional Studies. From 2010 to 2019 he worked for Foster and Partners in London with the position of associate and architect RIBA. In 2019 he began working full-time on Jflemay Design.

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